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SBX Control Unit

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The Vertical SBX Control Unit starts out at 3 lines in x 8 digital station ports that also support analog phones, a fax machine or single line phones with a maximum expansion of 6 lines in X 16 phones.  With the installation of the SBX expansion KSU the SBX is expandable to 12 lines in x 32 phones.

The SBX Control Units also supports an in-skin voice mail system that is connected to the SBX Control Unit internally maximizing space in your computer room or distribution facility.

The SBX Control Unit can support VoIP incoming lines provided by Vonage and other carriers providing significant cost savings and will also support VoIP extensions for off-site locations with the need to connect a phone directly to the SBX Control Unit.

You can also connect multiple SBX Control Units for business with multiple locations via an advanced internet connection.

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